Special Sessions

In this year, we are going to have a number of special sessions in conjunction with the BIBE main conference and cordially invite you to submit papers and participate in this great conference. The following hyperlinks provide you relevant information of each special session. For more details, please contact the session organizer(s).

Building Better Bone
Laddawun Sunuliganon, Thammasat University, Thailand
Email: laddawa@tu.ac.th

Clinical and Forensic Bioinformatics
Kung-Hao Liang, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan
Email: kunghao@gmail.com

miRNA Regulation
Y-h. Taguchi, Chuo University, Japan
Email: tag@granular.com

Engineering Models in Bioinformatics and Bioengineering
Kuo-Yi Lin, Asia University, Taiwan

Data Analysis in Biological Sensors and Actuators
Chang-Wei Hsieh, Asia University, Taiwan
Email: cwhsien@asia.edu.tw

Musculoskeletal and Movement Disorder
Chi-Wen Lung, Asia University, Taiwan
Email: cwlung@asia.edu.tw

Bioinformatics Disease Analysis and Database
Wen-Ling Chan, Asia University, Taiwan
Email: wlchan@asia.edu.tw