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Program Day 2

November 1, 2016

07:30-08:30 Hallway Registration
08:30-09:35 10F Room II Keynote Speaker: Prof. Limsoon Wong
Chair: Prof. H. Matsuda, Osaka University, Japan
09:35-10:40 10F Room II Keynote Speaker: Prof. Jan-Gowth Chang
Chair: Prof. Chi-Ren Shyu, University of Missouri, USA
10:40-11:00 Coffee Break
11:00-12:00 10F Room II S2-1: Clinical and Forensic Bioinformatics - II
Chair: Prof. Kung-Hao Liang, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taiwan

Location-aware fall detection system for dementia care on nursing service in evergreen inn of Jianan hospital

Ping Wang, Chin-Shan Chen and Chi-Chi Chuan

Analyzing retinal optical coherence tomography images using differential spatial pyramid matching

Parvathi Chundi, Mahadevan Subramaniam, Kevian Sabet and Eyal Margalit

Dynamic programming for clinical baseline matching and its application to anti-hepatitis B research

Kung-Hao Liang

10F VIP Room S2-2: Medical Imaging Analysis and Applications - I
Chair: Prof. I-Hui Chen, Asia University, Taiwan

Fluorescence microscopy image processing and visualization for analyzing cell kinematics, proliferation and attachment in mouse embryonic stem cell culture

Yuan-Hsiang Chang, Hideo Yokota, Kuniya Abe, Chih-Cheng Li and Ming-Dar Tsai

2D adaptive grid-based image analysis approach for biological networks

Haifa Alhasson and Boguslaw Obara

Physical model-based contrast enhancement of computed tomography images

Cheng-Ting Shih, Yi-Wen Chen, Hsin-Hon Lin and Keh-Shih Chuang

12:00-13:00 10F Room I Lunch
13:00-14:20 10F Room II S2-3: Biological Sequence Analysis
Chair: Prof. R.M. Hu, Asia University, Taiwan

ENSPART: An ensemble framework based on data partitioning for DNA motif analysis

Allen Chieng Hoon Choong, Nung Kion Lee and Norshafarina Omar

Identification and analysis of palindromes for RNA sequences

Chien-Hung Huang, Sheng-Jia Weng, Praveen Kumar Korla, Jywe-Fei Fang, Nilubon Kurubanjerdjit and Ka-Lok Ng

Using deep learning with position specific scoring matrices to identify efflux proteins in membrane and transport proteins

Semmy Wellem Taju, Nguyen-Quoc-Khanh Le and Yu Yen Ou

Fine classification of human gut microbiota by using hierarchical clustering approach

Chen Tzufan, Chen Rong-Ming, Tsai Jeffrey J. P. and Hu Rouh-Mei

10F VIP Room S2-4: Biological Sensor and Data Analysis - I
Chair: Prof. Wen-Cheng Lai, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

Wide-locking range divide-by-4 injection-locked frequency divider using dual-resonance RLC resonator for biomedical sensor applications

Wen Cheng Lai, Sheng-Lyang Jang and Shih-Jie Jian

Dual wavelength silicon-based-photodetector biomedical sensing system applications

Yao-Chin Wang, Bor-Shyh Lin and Zu-Po Yang

Non-contact instantaneous heart rate monitoring using microwave Doppler sensor and time-frequency domain analysis

Daichi Matsunaga, Shintaro Izumi, Hiroshi Kawaguchi and Masahiko Yoshimto

A vision based method for real-time respiration rate estimation using a recursive Fourier analysis

Avishek Chatterjee, Prathosh Ap, Pragathi Praveena and Vidyadhar Upadhya

14:20-14:25 Intermission
14:25-16:05 10F Room II S2-5: Workshop: Mathematical Methods in Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering - I
Chair: Prof. K.Y. Lin, Asia University, Taiwan; Prof. Mi-Chia Ma, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

Selection of useful features with non-linear dependence using a multi-objective evolutionary optimization algorithm

I-Fang Chung, Chun-Liang Lu, Wei-Chun Tang and Yu-Shuen Tsai

Comparing programming language comprehension between novice and expert programmers using EEG analysis

Seolhwa Lee, Danial Hooshyar and Heuiseok Lim

A Comparison study of reverse engineering gene regulatory network modeling

Charles C.N. Wang, Pei-Chun Chang, Phillip C.Y. Sheu and Jeffrey J.P. Tsai

10F VIP Room S2-6: Postural Control
Chair: Prof. Jen-Suh Chern, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

The balance stability of fallers and non-fallers in psychiatric patients at a long term care unit

San-Pin Wang, Jen-Suh Chern, Jer-Hao Chang, Hsiao-Ju Sun and Bo-Jian Wu

Dynamic and static balance in persons with different arch height and impacts of an arch support

Yi-Ting Chen, Jun-Ding Zhu and Jen-Suh Chern

Recognition of cortical modulation mechanism in elderly postural control under the computerized dynamic posturography

Chun-Ju Chang, Jen-Suh Chern, Tsui-Fen Yang and Sai-Wei Yang

16:05-16:25 Coffee Break
16:25-17:45 10F Room II S2-7: Workshop: Mathematical Methods in Bioinformatics and Biomedical Engineering - II
Chair: Prof. K.Y. Lin, Asia University, Taiwan; Prof. Mi-Chia Ma, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

Application of latent semantic analysis to clustering of cardiovascular gene ontology

Charles C.N. Wang, Yu-Liang Lee, Phillip C.Y. Sheu and Jeffrey J.P. Tsai

Deep learning for risk analysis of specific cardiovascular diseases using environmental data and outpatient records

Han C.W. Hsiao, Sean H.F. Chen and Jeffrey J.P. Tsai

Neural oscillations in temporoparietal lobes under inhibitory control in a naturalistic situation

Li-Wei Ko, Rupesh Kumar Chikara, Yi-Cheng Shih, and Erik C. Chang

10F VIP Room S2-8: Workshop: Integrated Computational Life Sciences towards Personalized and Preventive Medicine
Chair: Prof. H. Matsuda, Osaka University, Japan

Comparative analysis of transformation methods for gene expression profiles in breast cancer datasets

Yoshiaki Sota, Shigeto Seno, Yoichi Takenaka, Shinzaburo Noguchi and Hideo Matsuda

Patient-specific blood flows simulation on cerebral aneurysm based on physically consistency feedback control

Mohd Azrul Hisham Mohd Adib, Satoshi Ii, Yoshiyuki Watanabe and Shigeo Wada

Development of multi-scale musculo-skeletal simulator

Naoto Yamamura, Shu Takagi and Taishin Nomura

A computational approach for blood flow analysis in the densely coiled cerebral aneurysm

Tomohiro Otani, Satoshi Ii, Tomoyoshi Shigematsu, Toshiyuki Fujinaka, Masayuki, Hirata, Tomohiko Ozaki and Shigeo Wada

18:15-21:00 10F Room I Banquet
Keynote Speaker: Prof. Peter Chen, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Chair: Prof. Jeffrey J.P. Tsai, Asia University, Taiwan