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Program Day 3

November 2, 2016

07:30-08:30 Hallway Registration
08:30-09:35 10F Room II Keynote Speaker: Prof. Wen-Hsiung Li
Chair: Prof. Ka-Lok Ng, Asia University, Taiwan
09:35-10:40 10F Room II S3-1: Medical Imaging Analysis and Applications - II
Chair: Prof. C.Y. Lin, Asia University, Taiwan

Diagnostic support for Alzheimer's disease through feature-based brain MRI retrieval and unsupervised distance learning

Bruno Padovese, Denis Salvadeo and Daniel Pedronette

Automatic brain extraction for T1-weighted magnetic resonance images using region growing

Yu-Lung Ho, Wei-Yang Lin, Chia-Ling Tasi, Cheng-Chia Lee and Chih-Yang Lin

  10F VIP Room S3-2: Workshop: Bioinformatics Disease Analysis and Database
Chair: Prof. W.L. Chan, Asia University, Taiwan

Genome-wide functional identification of maximal consensus patterns derived from multiple species piRNAs

Wen-Ling Chan, Mei-Chun Yeh, Jing-Doo Wang, Jan-Gowth Chang, Jeffrey J.P. Tsai

piRNAtarget: the integrated database for mining functionality of piRNA and its targets

Bing-Rong Jiang, Wan-Ye Wu, Ching-Hsuan Chien, Jeffrey J.P. Tsai, Wen-Ling Chan

An integrative analysis for cancer studies

Hsi-Yuan Huang, Chien-Yu Lin, Chin-An Yang, Cheng-Mao Ho, Ya-Sian Chang and Jan-Gowth Chang

Establish reporting format of gene related rare-diseases by exome sequencing in the clinical medical laboratory

Cheng-Mao Ho, His-Yuan Huang, Chin-An Yang, Ya-Sian Chang, Chien-Yu Lin and Jan-Gowth Chang

10:40-11:00   Coffee Break
11:00-12:00 10F Room II S3-3: Biological Sensor and Data Analysis - II
Chair: Ben-Yi Liau, Hungkuang University, Taiwan

Workload induces changes in respiratory rate and heart rate variability

Taishi Nagasawa and Hiroshi Hagiwara

DNA biosensor applications for poly-silicon nanowire field-effect transistors

Lu Shao-Wei, Li Chia-Hsien, Kumar Aanand, Imam Syed Sarwar, Yang Shao-Ming, Fan Ming-Jen and Sheu Gene

Real-time visual respiration rate estimation with dynamic scene adaptation

Avishek Chatterjee, Prathosh Ap, Pragathi Praveena and Vidyadhar Upadhya

Respiration monitoring through thoraco-abdominal video with an LSTM

Vidyadhar Upadhya, Avishek Chatterjee, Prathosh A P and Pragathi Praveena

12:00-13:00 10F Room I Lunch